• Modern Design

    Websites, mobile apps and client-server applications built using stable methods and code.

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  • Branding Your Business

    SW&G forges exclusive brands for companies that need to make a statement.

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  • Tactical Marketing

    Target clients with branded handouts, mailers and relevant articles with quality online placements.

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  • Media Production

    Produce and publish commercials, instructional videos and professional presentations.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Applications for tablet and mobile devices on the iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Desktop and Server Applications

    Custom built applications for business can be offered as a service or product. Productivity applications also save time and labor for your business.

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  • Photography Services

    Photography and photo editing services for your next event or project.

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General Pricing Information

Consulting rates vary in the $50-$100 range depending on the service, coding language and environment.
These are general project budget ranges for common clients of SW&G. We offer per project pricing while ensuring that your budget meets realistic requirements of running a business campaign.
  • Commercial
  • $4999
  • Interactive Design Process
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email accounts
  • Blog Directly to Social Media Pages
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Advanced User Account Functions
  • User Image, Video & Content Sharing
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Business Network

SW&G provides extensive development and support for all industries and professional services.