Events and ticket websites

Events & Ticket Sales

Seattle Websites & Graphics develops websites for event management, booking and ticket sales. Create public, sharable calendars for events, ticket sales and VIP reservations and share them on social networks to boost revenue. Advertise your events on your website and pot updates, schedule changes, performances and special appearances. Sell clothing, merchandise and food / beverages through your site to increase profits made by your events. Allow promoters to track sales and profits through an easy to use affiliate manager interface which allows promoters to share flyers and updates to social networks and in word of mouth with promotional codes.

Hotel booking and reservations

Hotel Booking & Reservation

Seattle Websites & Graphics designs and develops websites for hotel management, booking, reservations and guest billing. Showcase rooms, services and suites and automate reservation services through an online interface that manages billing and staff notifications as well as axillary services such as massage, classes and room service. Allow your guests to make reservations through your site for multiple dates and also sign up for extra services which will save your hospitality business time and labor costs.  Allow your clients to review your business and share your services on social media, also give guests access to your events calendar and email notifications with a powerful website from Seattle Websites & Graphics.