Ad Placement Seattle

Banner & Ad Placement

Seattle Websites & Graphics can strategically design and place banners and ads online on search engines and partner sites to promote your business or website. We design quality banners for your online business that can be placed on the side, content or headers of your website. Ads can contain links to your website or products to attract new clients and shoppers.

Email marketing campaign

Email Marketing

Seattle Websites & Graphics specializes in email marketing through newsletters, coupon emails and promotional specials. We build websites with built in email marketing software which allows you to capture user emails and automatically add them to scheduled newsletters with full names and contact information attached.

Welcome Emails

Make a great first impression with a welcome email automatically delivered to people who join your list. Thank new sales leads, customers, or members for joining with a discount or promotion and tell them what to expect next. An easy-to-read report continuously updates to show how many welcome emails have been sent, opened and clicked.

Mobile Newsletter Emails

Mobile Device Emails

Did you know that over half of all email is opened on mobile devices? And that 70% of people will delete your email if it doesn’t look good on their phones and tablets? Every one of our templates will automatically adjust to look great across a wide range of screen sizes.



SERP rankings SEO

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

In the search marketing field, the pages the engines return to fulfill a query are referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). Each engine returns results in a slightly different format and these may include vertical results.

 The various sections outlined in the Google search results are as follows:

  1. Search query box
  2. Vertical navigation
  3. Results information
  4. PPC Advertising
  5. Google Product Search Results
  6. Natural/organic/algorithmic results